About DPSG

The DPSG’s mission is to support the community of private schools in Dubai and to maintain their position as both ‘world-class’ and ‘best-in-region’.

Our Story

The Dubai school system is unique. Nowhere else has a government worked so closely with private providers to build a comprehensive, high quality and diverse school system that meets the needs of its population and its economy. Many other countries have anxieties about private investment in schools but the Dubai approach proves that it is possible to run a high quality system where every family has a choice of curriculum and of school, at a price they can afford.

On objective international evidence, the Dubai school system stands apart as the best-in-region. Dubai’s student results in international assessments such as PISA and TIMSS are ahead of all other countries across North Africa and the Middle East. Employers – including the very best international companies – choose to locate in Dubai because of the quality and range of private schooling that it has in place. They know their staff expect and demand the best education they can secure for their children.

The Dubai Private Schools Group is formed to promote the strengths of this unique approach and to support its participating members.

Dubai has many world-class schools that deliver to the most challenging of international standards. For example, different schools follow Arabic, English, American, Indian and International Baccalaureate standards. Teachers and leaders come from around the globe to join our schools.

This ensures that every family and student can have access to an education that mirrors the very best of what they could receive at home. The Dubai Group helps school providers share best practices and stay up-to-date and ahead of the competition.

The Dubai Private Schools Group also invests in change. It is committed to strengthening the bonds between the national community and its international partners. It is committed to improving Arabic teaching and to promoting inter-faith understanding. And it is committed to supporting improvements in special education, for the benefit of the wider community in Dubai.